LLC “Zavod Agrohimprodukt” is a part of the business group "Spetsproduct" which is a stable, modern and dynamically developing company established in 2006. The company is engaged in production and improvement of automated accounting systems for alcohol products. Multipurpose systems of LLC “Zavod Agrohimprodukt” have proven themselves to be highly efficient and they are used in many Russian companies producing alcohol products: from companies manufacturing ethyl alcohol to breweries and factories producing natural sparkling wines. The system is included in the National Register of Measuring Equipment and it is officially approved for use in the territory of the Russian Federation. The records are automatically entered into the Unified State Automated Information System of accounting for production and sales of alcohol products (USAIS).

LLC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt" provides customers with a full range of services related to commissioning and operation of automated accounting systems for alcohol products. Top-ranking specialists of our IT-department are able to develop software that allows to automate all technological processes taking into account the characteristics of each specific production requirement and customer demand. Our service engineers are always ready to help customers and give a detailed consultation on the phone and on a call-out basis directly at the premises.

Among the advantages of our company is the presence of its own metrological service which has obtained accreditation for calibration of automated accounting systems for alcohol products, as well as the mass and electromagnetic flow meters. LLC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt" has a mobile testing unit that provides efficiency of calibration of flow meters.

Production facilities of LLC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt" are located in the Tver region, but for the convenience of our customers we have opened a representative office in Moscow.

Automated systems of the company comply with all guidelines and deliver a complete set of data required for transmission to USAIS. This system was introduced in the Russian Federation in 2006 to ensure completeness and accuracy of public records for production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, beer and other alcohol products. USAIS collects information about the alcohol products produced in Russia and the ones imported into the country. The system allows you to get any information, including the manufacturer, supplier, type, name, strength, production volume and excise taxes assessed on it, detailed by country and region. Struggle against counterfeit alcohol and accounting implementation of federal special stamps and excise labels are among the main tasks of USAIS.

In addition, the data received by system allows conducting a comprehensive analysis of status and trends of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol as well as alcohol-containing products in the territory of Russia.