LLC "Agrohimprodukt Plant" offers to the customers the most modern automated accounting system for alcohol products. The company's systems created on the basis of flow meters “Promass” produced by the company “Endress+Hauser”, meet latest standards of quality and they are notable for their high-precision measurements. The systems of LLC "Agrohimprodukt Plant" are versatile: they not only account alcohol-containing products but are also able to perform additional tasks, fully automating the production of alcohol. Thus, the system is capable of sending SMS messages to the manager in event of any malfunctions such as power outage. In addition, automated accounting systems for alcohol products allow you to control the production parameters via Internet.

This system is universal: it is fully compatible with any technological equipment and can be used by any enterprise regardless of volume and types of the output products. Furthermore, it is simple and convenient in operation. The system can be used for commercial accounting of alcohol products in the USAIS structure and for in-process analysis and accounting.

Devices, measuring instruments and components that are part of the system have sanitary and epidemiological certificates and certificates of compliance.