Counting the number of pieces of finished products is one of the main features of automated accounting systems for alcohol products. Bottle counters of the Russian company LLC "NVF Vico", having over 20 years of professional experience in this market, are used in the systems of LCC “Zavod Agrohimprodukt”. These devices are able to accurately count the number of products at the time of manufacturing and during conveyor transportation as well as those in individual or multiple-unit packaging. Reservation of collected information, even in the event of voltage fluctuations and power cuts, is one of the benefits used in counters at the production time of systems of LCC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt". In addition, bottle counters can reduce the finished product theft to zero: self-test function of the device control zone ensures against accidental or deliberate interferences in the device operation. Information about any of such attempts is recorded in the counter database.

The main functions of the counter: