The company LLC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt" features not only high quality products but also individual approach to each customer. The company offers its customers a full range of services related to operation of automated accounting systems for alcohol products. Buying the system of LCC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt" you can count on regular maintenance, annual predictive and preventive maintenance and inspection of equipment, additional connection of bottle counter USB -5 and access to the "hot line" experts who are always ready to provide competent assistance. We offer our customers a long-term partnership and support in all situations.

Non-warranty repairs

Non-warranty case? Even in such situations customers can count on full service. We always have components and assemblies for failed equipment in stock. We are also ready to provide a temporary flow meter, shut-off valve and DATD cabinet for the period of repair of the main equipment (up to 30 calendar days).

Emergency repairs

In the event of a breakdown our experts are ready to visit the company to make repairs immediately. We can always test and verify the accuracy of measurement of the system using our accredited metrology service with a mobile testing unit. The "Remote Access" service is also offered to customers: in this case our staff will be able to carry out engineering administration of the system remotely.


LCC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt” is a part of business group "Spetsproduct" which also includes LCC "NPP Spetsavia" with its test laboratory accredited to study the properties of alcohol-containing liquids. Therefore, we are ready to provide customers with services such as laboratory testing of product samples.

Supply of spare parts

We are always ready to provide customers with spare parts and consumable materials. This system has a modular structure, so connection to the system of additional flow meters Promass and Promag can be done in a few hours. Customers can also expect regular maintenance, annual predictive and preventive maintenance and calibration of equipment.


You can be sure of the quality and reliability of software for automated accounting systems for alcohol products. We regularly update the built-in and application software specifically in connection with new legislative and regulatory requirements. In addition, it can be modified according to individual requirements at request of the customer.

Training and seminars

The automated accounting system is simple to operate and maintain. However, we are always ready to hold technical seminars and trainings on the basis of LCC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt" or on the customers’ basis. In addition, customers can always get a free expert advice via telephone hot line services.